What is this site about?

For the first time in human history, a life of eternal bliss is within reach. And it’s not a farfetched outcome that you need blind faith to believe in. It is right on the horizon, within the realm of science, and no more implausible than the moon landings seemed to people a hundred years ago.

But this site is not about the future. It is about the implications such a blissful future will have for the life you’re living today. If modern technology will soon allow us to extend our lifespan and vastly improve the quality of our existence – how does that affect us now? How does it change the way we should behave?

Read on to find out how the prospect of an Eternal Blissful Life can feed into your worldview, your aspirations, and even your sense of happiness in the present moment.

What Is an Eternal Blissful Life?

An Eternal Blissful Life is the term I use to describe a hypothetical real life here on earth. A life that is both eternal and blissful thanks to human progress and new technologies. Think of it as something like "heaven on earth".

An Eternal Life

Few things in this universe are truly eternal – and it’s difficult to conceive of a life that would truly last forever. What I mean by “eternal” is a life that extends far beyond the normal human lifespan. It could be hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years long.

There are several foreseeable developments that would make this possible. As we know, it’s already possible to “dodge the reaper” with organ transplants and advanced medications. But this doesn’t deal with the problem of e.g. cell degradation – the normal processes of aging that overtake most of us within eighty or ninety years.

New rejuvenation biotechnologies, such as those relying on stem cell replacement, could slow these processes or put an end to them altogether – allowing you to stay youthful and healthy forever. Bionic replacement is already a thing (Think of bionic limbs, lab-grown organs, and heart pacemakers), and scientists are making constant leaps forward. A so-called technological Singularity, in which artificial intelligence becomes intelligent enough to produce even smarter artificial intelligence, would mean rapid progress in both of these areas. And even if your life comes to end before such developments have made eternity possible, improved cryonic technology would allow you to “hibernate” until you can be successfully revived.

A Blissful Life

Recall the happiest day of your life. Now think of all the reasons the other days of your life have been less happy than that one. What’s to blame? Is it the absence of good things – like adventure, love, creativity, and connection? Or is it the presence of bad things, like illness, grief, loneliness, and the stress of everyday life?

When I talk about a “blissful life”, I’m anticipating a world where the good is ubiquitous and the bad is all but eliminated. It’s not too hard to imagine. Technological progress has already solved problems that seemed inescapable to previous generations; polio, for example, is practically a thing of the past. And in the near future, further progress will put an end to even the most complex problems, ranging from insidious depression and anxiety to seemingly endless warfare and famine.

Your blissful life will be like the happiest day you can remember – but even better. You’ll exude physical and psychological well-being; you’ll have an exquisite sense of connection to the universe; and you’ll pass each day in a way that leaves you perfectly fulfilled - all thanks to human progress, advancements in (positive) psychology, and new emerging technologies.

As society improves and we get a better understanding of the human brain and how it experiences consciousness, we’ll be able to make the most of modern technology. Benevolent use of things like advanced antidepressants, human-brain interfaces, virtual or augmented realities, and cognitive enhancement will make a blissful (and meaningful) existence a reality for everyone.

Again, what exactly is this page about?

The possibility that we might end up living an Eternal Blissful Life has implications for how we live our lives right now. It’s these implications that I intend to explore here on my website. After a lot of careful reading and thinking, I’ve developed a certain view of the world, a kind of “life philosophy”, that has dramatically altered (and improved) my existence. It has profoundly changed the way I view my current life; it has overturned my old values and introduced new ones; and it has reshaped my conception of the life I want to lead – the kind of person I want to be.

The focus of this life philosophy is very much on the present. It offers me peace of mind, a definite sense of purpose, and well-defined goals to pursue. As you'll see, simply admitting even only the tiniest possibility of an Eternal Blissful Life can already completely revolutionize your current way of life.

I created this website primarily to share this philosophy with you. In doing so, I hope to provide you with some interesting thoughts, some exciting possibilities, and perhaps even some impetus on your journey towards happiness and meaning.

I’m interested. Where can I find out more about this life philosophy?

Scroll down this page to the “Life Philosophy” section. Or scroll down even further to the “Graphical Overview” section, where you can find interactive mind maps that detail my views in a very digestible form.

I'm not really interested, sorry. Is there anything else on this website?

That's fine! In the appendix to the “Life Philosophy” section below, I also cover general topics that aren’t part of my life philosophy but are somehow related to it. For example, my articles look at:

  • Possible pathways to live much longer than normal: Cryonics, rejuvenation biotechnologies, or the Singularity.
  • Why would you want to live for centuries and millenia? Wouldn't you get bored? And what about overpopulation?
  • What does it mean for a life to be "blissful"?
  • Is the world improving? Are we right on track towards much happier lives for everyone?

What is this page NOT about?

This website is not about the future. It is about the present.

It’s not my intention to make bold predictions about the future. I don’t write much about the latest progress in rejuvenation biotechnology or artificial intelligence, or discuss Moore’s Law, or the law of exponential growth.

I won’t be telling you things like “in ten years self-driving cars will be ubiquitous” or “in forty years we’ll experience the Singularity”.

Instead, I’ll simply strive to answer one fundamental question: What are the immediate implications of believing in the possibility of an Eternal Blissful life?

Life Philosophy

Here’s a complete table of contents, linking to everything I’ve written on the topic of an Eternal Blissful Life.

Although my writing is divided into short articles for better readability, these are in fact intended to be read in chronological order – much like a book. So I highly recommend starting with the introduction and reading everything else in order!

Click on the links (the bullet points) below to start reading.

graphical overview

Here are the slides of a presentation on my Eternal Blissful Life philosophy. I'm hoping to turn this presentation into a proper video with audio at some point. If you are interested in doing that, feel free to reach out to me.

A graphical representation of my life purpose, which is motivated by my hope to eventually lead an Eternal Blissful Life, and the wish to increase the odds of it happening.  As a nice bonus, the same life purpose also makes my Current Life much more beautiful.

Hover your mouse over almost any part of the image to get more infos.

Here is a summary of everything you might do to increase the odds of you having an Eternal Blissful Life. I try to do as much as possible from this mind map as part of my life philosophy.  Let me know if you can think of anything I might have forgotten. Click image to enlarge.

about me

a picture of myself
Yellowstone National Park, 2017

Hello! 🙂

I’m Anton Rodenhauser, 25, and live in Berlin, where I did my Bachelor in Physics and currently do my master in Scientific Computing.

I created this website to share my vision for the future and my philosophy of life. I hope you get something out of it!

Besides science & technology my interests include everything regarding how the human brain works, and psychology . In particular I focus a lot on overcoming biases like confirmation bias  (and yes… also wishful thinking!) and other cognitive fallacies.

I am also part of the Effective Altruism movement, which in my view is the best starting point if you want to take part in the quest to enable an (eternal?!) blissful life for every sentient being.

I am a huge fan of Tim Urbans Blog Wait But Why. I probably owe it to his post Religion for Nonreligious that I started seriously thinking about my own spirituality and eventually came up with all the ideas presented on this website.  Thanks Tim!

It is my dearest wish for everyone in this beautiful universe to be blissful now and eventually be blissful forever.

Berlin, 2018

P.S. Most of the texts here on this website were edited and massively improved by my editor Mat Hayes. A big thanks to him! You can checkout his Medium page here.

Contact me for any feedback, or for ideas to help me with my goals.